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Inthe 2018/2019 academic year, the "Chinese Government outstandinginternational students scholarship" selection has begun:



1. 开放名额3人(适用于研究生和本科生申请)

Open-endedapplication limited to 3 studentsundergraduate students and post-graduate students


2. 奖励对象 Qualified Reward Applicants


RegisteredSUS degree students in grade two or above (including scholarship andself-financed students)


3.奖励标准 Award Criteria



Undergraduate:one-time RMB 18,000 Yuan/person

Post-graduate:one-time RMB 30,000 Yuan/person


4.申请条件 Eligibility

(1) 学习成绩优异,具备较强的学习和研究能力。在学期间各科考试或考查科目无不合格。






(1) Excellentacademic performance, with strong learning and research capabilities. Have not failedin any required courses or optional courses.

(2)Friendly attitude towards China and excellent performance in China.

(3)Law-abiding, physically and mentally healthy, all-round development. Noin-school punishment was received during the school period.

(4)Actively participate in cultural & sports activities, or social practiceactivities; those who have outstanding performances are preferred.

(5)Under the same conditions, families with difficult economic conditions arepreferred.



5. 申请材料 Application materials



(3) 2017-2018学年度的成绩单(教务处、研究生处系统生成并加盖公章);




(7) 文章的检索证明、录用通知(其他论文不作为支撑材料上报)或参与发表专著的证明材料;




(1)Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship

(2)2016-2017 School Report Card (generated by the educational system and stampedwith official seal);

(3)Recommendation letter from International Students Office

(4)Other supporting materials: Research papers, award-winning certificate orcertification materials (photocopy) of cultural and social activities.

(5)My Story of Studying in China, open-titled, experiences of yourstudying, living in China, written in English or Chinese, at least 800 words.

(6)Other supporting materials: achievements of scientific research, certificatesor approval materials of social practice, cultural and sports activities.

(7)The article's retrieval certificate, the employment notice (other papers thatare not as supporting materials reported) or participate in the publication ofa monograph (proof material).

(8)For all types of state-level, provincial and municipal competitions. A copy ofthe winning certificate or patent certificate.

(9)A certificate of student cadres or associations.


6. 申请流程

Application Process

(1)522日至530学生个人提交申请StudentsSubmit application during May 22 to 30. 



Onlineapplication: Please click http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn and create an account,filled out the application form and upload the required document.


申请截止时间为2018530Deadline for applicationis May 30th, 2018 



Submitall the documents to Room 201-2 before 12:00pm, May 30th, afteronline application.



SchoolComprehensive review recommendation



Schoolpublicity and report to the retention of the Basic committee



Approvalor Accreditation of the Fund Committee






(1)Theagency No. of SUS is 10277

(2)Theprogram category should be Type C

(3) Thestudy period should be 2018.9.1-2019.7.15

(4)Clickthe SUBMIT to generate the application form, which should be downloaded andprinted out. Submit all the required documents with the application form toISO.


8 联系方式Contact Person

邹老师 Sarah Zou

老教学楼201-2留学生办公室  Rm. 201-2, Old teaching building

电话:021-51253381         Tel: 021-51253381





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