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Noticeof Scholarship Annual Review for International Students


Theannual review of scholarship for international students is to start in themiddle of April, according to relative rules and regulations, please readthrough this notice and come to fetch the Form for Annual Review of ScholarshipStatus and read carefully the directions and fill it accordingly. Please benoted the following details:

Participants:all the international students who enjoy either full or partial scholarship

Dateto get the form: April 15th to 19th, 2019

Documentsto be submitted: annual review form and academic transcript of the secondsemester of 2017-2018 school year; the first semester of 2018-2019 school year.

Deadlineto submit: before 16:30, April 25th, 2019

Placeto get/submit the form: Room 201-2, old teaching building, Office ofInternational Students Services

Tobe noted:

1)Those who are going to graduate in this June don’t need to submit their annualreview form.

2)Those who don’t submit the annual review form, the qualification of scholarshipwill be cancelled from this September.

Office of International StudentsServices

April 10, 2019


Detailed Rules and Regulations for theAnnual Review of International Student Scholarships


Article 8 The annual review ofinternational student scholarships refers to the comprehensive review ofinternational students (hereinafter referred to as “scholarship students”) whoenjoy all kinds of scholarships and apply for resuming all kinds ofscholarships to study in our school once a year to determine whether they arequalified to continue to enjoy or resume the scholarship.


Article 9 The contents of the annualreview of international student scholarships are as follows:


1. Academic performance, including theexamination of all subjects in the second semester of the last academic yearand the first semester of the current academic year (all courses selectedrecords and results shall be subject to the student’s report card affixed withthe official seal of the Academic Affairs Office/Graduate Affairs Office);


2. Learning attitude and attendance;


3. Behavior performance, rewards andpunishments;

4. 参加活动情况,包括参加校园文化、学术交流、文体竞赛、志愿服务、公益慈善、社区共建等校内外各类活动;

4. Participation in activities,including campus culture, academic exchanges, sports competitions, voluntaryservice, charity, community building and other activities inside and outsidethe school;

5. 导师或辅导员评价情况。

5. Evaluation of tutors or counselors.


Article 10 The person who is under anyof the following cases shall be suspended from the scholarship for a period ofone year:


1. Undergraduate students who have woninternational student scholarships have failed in 3 or more examinations;


2. Graduate students who have woninternational student scholarships have two or more degree courses with a scorebelow 75; other courses with one or more below 60; those who fail to pass theopening report; and those who fail to complete the required credits for thedegree within specified time;


3. Those who are often late, leaveearly, are persuaded not to change, or are absent from school for more than onethird of the total school hours;

4. 缺考或无故旷考者;

4. Those who are absent from theexamination or have not taken the examination without reason;

5. 违反我国法律法规,受到执法部门警告或警告以上处分者;

5. Those who violate the laws andregulations of our country and are warned or punished by the law enforcementdepartments;

6. 违反《上海体育学院学生违纪处分规定》(上体院院字[2017]88号)有关条款,受到记过及记过以上处分的。

6. Those who violate the provisions ofthe Regulations on Discipline Violation of Shanghai University of Sport (STYYZ[2017] No. 88), and those who have been punished with demerits.


Article 11 Those who have been suspendedfrom enjoying scholarships will be suspended from the beginning of the nextacademic year. Those who have been suspended from enjoying scholarships mayapply to stay at their own expense to continue their studies. After suspensionof the scholarship, the student may apply in writing to the Internationalstudent Office two months before the termination of the scholarship toparticipate in the annual review of the scholarship in the current year. If thescholarship is qualified, it may be approved by the higher authorities.Scholarships may be resumed from the next academic year.


Article 12 The scholarship qualificationshall be revoked if any of the following circumstances occurs. If thescholarship qualification is cancelled, the living expenses of the scholarshipshall be suspended from the date of announcement, and their eligibility for thescholarship shall not be restored.


1. Being ordered to drop out of schoolor to be expelled from school;

2. 在校学习期间累计两次未通过年度评审的;

2. Failing to pass the annual reviewtwice during the period of study in school;


3. Failing to participate in the annualreview without justifiable reasons.

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